Education is the greatest gift,
help us deliver it.

Future Institute programs prepare concept seniors and graduates for success in college and their careers by providing various events, workshops, mentorships, and other professional development opportunities.

Future Institute supports high school graduates to ensure transition, college persistence and career readiness by implementing innovative programs informed by strategic research.

Future Institute adheres to the issues impacting high school to college transition, college persistence, success, and career attainment including but not limited to generational poverty and works to empower young people to make positive decisions in their lives.

Future Institute works to address post-secondary issues through the following three department areas: College, Career, and Research. By producing thousands of career-ready professional prepared for success, Future Insitute envisions a better society.

Education is the greatest gift, help us deliver it.

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Future Fund

Future Leaders Initiative

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Education is the greatest gift, help us deliver it.